Sunday, 13 November 2011


ROSA is an epic sci-fi short film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared. From the destruction awakes Rosa, a cyborg deployed from the Kernel project, mankind’s last attempt to restore the earth’s ecosystem. Rosa will soon learn that she is not the only entity that has awakened and must fight for her survival.

 The short-film was created entirely by young comic-artist Jesús Orellana with no budget during a single year. Following the successful festival run, the short film has attracted the attention of the major talent-agencies and Hollywood producers. Currently ROSA is in development to be a live-action motion picture.

 It was released online this week and has been gaining a lot of attention. More of a showcase for Orellana's talents than a story, the film takes obvious influences from The Matrix and Battle Angel Alita. The fact that he made it from his own bedroom and at a low budget is some achievement.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Prurient - Bermuda Drain

One of the albums of the year. Released in July, Prurient is Dominick Fernow, influential noise musician and founder of Hospital Productions. Bermuda Drain sees him turn from pure noise to dark wave synth and black metal. The production is more polished and accessible than his previous work but still remains intense and experimental, akin to Pan Sonic and Nine Inch Nails, and that can only be a good thing.

Stand-out tracks: Let's Make A Slave and Sugar Cane Chapel.

  PRURIENT - Bermuda Drain by Hydra Head Records

Interview with Dominck on the new album from Fact website.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Child of Eden

Child of Eden is a rhythm action game created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. It serves as a prequel to the classic cyberpunk game Rez.

You journey through a kaleidoscopic matrix representing an infected cyberpspace, cleansing targets which produce melodic sounds upon destruction.
As was the case with Rez, Child of Eden is presented as an experiment on synesthesia, integrating sound, vision and touch in one seamless experience. Combine this using the Xbox Kinect controller and 3D compatability, the game takes interactive digital art to a new level.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Black Dog - Liber Chaos

New release from The Black Dog includes remixes from Richard H Kirk, Sandwell District and Perc.

01. Dissident Bleep Remixed by Sandwell District
02. Black Chamber Order Remixed by Blawan
03. High Rise Choir Reprise Remixed by Sigha
04. Heavy Industry Remixed by Shifted
05. Greedy Gutter Guru Remixed by Richard H Kirk
06. Bass Mantra Remixed by Perc

Released 21/11/11. Previews here

Artwork by Humanstudio

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hazcauch + Vokoi - Scept

Soundtrack from hazcauch / scept “VEIN”

Visual: vokoi (ARch / 710.beppo / tripon) [​ ] generated with Max/MSP/Jitter.

Produced by Bridge

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart is a founding member of The Pop Group and a pioneer of industrial hip-hop. Urban paranoia with a techno sensibility; the positivity of dub reggae gone horribly wrong; dystopian visions mixed with those of William Blake, Donna Summer and William Burroughs; voodoo and ultra-left texts. It does work, most of the time, and when it doesn't the fractures and fuck ups can be far more rewarding than the gleaming monolith of yet another corporate uber-production.


As The Veneer Of Democracy Begins To Fade (1985)

Regarded as one of the heaviest records ever made, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto once stated that their initial aim was to make a record more extreme than this. This is just a small indication of how influential this record has been.

"Mark Stewart, he's my chaos."
- Tricky

Collaberating with artists such as Adrain Sherwood, Trent Reznor and Massive Attack, Stewart has released 7 albums, from 1983 with "Learning To Cope With Cowardice" to as recent as 2008 with "Edit".

 Uncompromising, confrontational, political, firey and aggressive. Totally recommended.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Roly Porter - Aftertime

Stream the new album from Roly Porter, one half of dubstep pioneers Vex'd.  A combination of dark ambient, noise, drone and modern classical music.

Download the track Tleilax here

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano - Umfeld

Just recently discovered, Umfeld, Jochem Paap (aka Speedy J) and Scott Pagano's 2007 audiovisual DVD release. Fragmented industrial cityscapes, organic electronics and hypnotic strobes combine with abstract soundscapes and warped beats. Fantastic stuff, overwhelming visual density, similar to Kuvaputki. Download the FREE full-res version at

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Soft Moon

Raised under the burning sun of the Mojave desert, Vasquez channels both his punk upbringing and Afro-Cuban heritage to sculpt decidedly dystopian soundscapes for a new generation of torn romantics. It’s a record set somewhere in the near post-apocalypse where technology enchants as much as it destroys.

Synapscape - Revolving Horse

Official Video for 'Revolving Horse', extracted from the new album from Synapscape: Traits (Ant-Zen act267), released on the 2nd of September 2011.
Video: Geso.
Music: Synapscape.

More info:​synapscape

Experimental Television Centre

The Experimental Television Center was a video art production studio in Owego, New York. Since its foundation in 1971, the center has been instrumental to the field of video art by providing artists with the tools of video art production through artist residencies and grants. The studio is designed to simultaneously facilitate both live studio performance and live video editing, much like a broadcast television studio. The studio was founded in 1971 as an outgrowth of a media access program established by Ralph Hocking at Binghamton University in 1969. Today the studio is affiliated with Alfred University's media arts program, with which it shares instructors. The Center provides support and services to the video art community by offering artist residencies to established and emerging video artists as well as an annual international student artist residency each summer.

The studio includes several invaluable and/or one of a kind pieces of video processing equipment, such as a custom Dave Jones Colorizer, a Design Lab Frame Buffer, a Deupfer Synthesizer, a Dave Jones custom 8 Channel Video Sequencer, the Paik/Abe Raster Synthesizer or 'Wobbulator' and a custom Dan Sandin Sandin Image Processor. Some notable artists who have held residencies at the center are Nam June Paik, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Gary Hill, Marisa Olson, Kristin Lucas, Torsten Zenas Burns, Barbara Hammer, LoVid, and Dearraindrop. The Center has announced via its website that it is closing most of its programs, including the studio, as of July 2011.

An anniversary DVD compilation For it's 40th year anniversary ETC started to produce a DVD compilation of a selection of artists who had created video art during ETC residencies over the course of 40 solid years. This enormous undertaking required digital restorations, and took three years, resulting in a 20 hour compilation of over 100 artists. Digitizing, restorations, and overall support: Bill Seery and Maria Venuto and Standby program Project manager and DVD author: Aaron Miller. Art director: Diane Bertolo The DVD is accompanied with a 130-page catalog and is distributed by EAI

A short documentary video explores the spatial concept of ETC as it moved from a physical, actively productive studio to a Web-based, historical archive:

Lament IV - Waves (10min excerpt) by Phillip Stearns:

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hard Reset

Hard Reset is the debut game from independant Polish developer Flying Wild Hog. A cyberpunk first-person shooter, set for release on 13th September 2011. PC exclusive.

Scott Draves - Electric Sheep

The Electric Sheep is a cyborg mind. It harnesses the collective intelligence of 450,000 computers and people creates abstract art with mathematics and Darwinian evolution. The result is seamless, organic, and infinite. See see and

This is a 4:30 excerpt from the "High Fidelity Demo" Blu Ray, created by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep (at reduced resolution and quality for web upload).

Draw Down

DRAWDOWN is a single channel video piece directed by Phoenix Perry in collaboration with Arnold Steiner and sound by Brian Jackson (Infinite Volume) completed in 2004 for the Reline DVD compilation.

Drawdown: the process by which the dominant species in an ecosystem uses up the surrounding resources faster than they can be replaced. Drawdown explores the relationship between man, machine, environment and the culture of greed in the world. Looking at the body as both a polluted system and a vehicle for enlightenment, we see the human form as an evolving machine empty of meaning in and of itself. In this context, the delusions of ego and self-importance become clear.

Drawdown suggests we look beyond our own selfish desire to see the vast beauty and abundance of the world around us. As we look for the basic meaning of human existence amidst a technological culture, we must question if our technologies aid human evolution or accelerates the process of extinction. The answer immediately reveals the state of the human consciousness each man crafts into the world.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

1001 Plateaus

A selection of videos from 1001 Plateaus's channel on Youtube

Clock DVA - Kinetic Engineering

A collection of visual ideograms developed by R.E. Baker and A. Newton during work on the albums Buried Dreams and Man-Amplified. These videos were constructed and engineered using computer technologies at the Anterior Research Station 1988-1993.


1 Intro
2 The Hacker
3 Sound Mirror
4 Man-Amplified
5 Axiomatic And Hueristic
6 Fractalize
7 NYC Overload
8 Bitstream
9 Technogeist
10 Final Program
11 Voice Recognition Test
12 Outro

Tracks 2, 3 from the album "Buried Dreams", Tracks 4 to 10 from the album "Man-Amplified", Track 11 from the album "Sign".

Approximate running time 52 minutes.

Admx71 - Electric Deluxe podcast 043

Just got around to listening to this recently. Epic 2 and a half hour mix by Adam X, recorded for Electric Deluxe a few months back. It combines ambient electronica, minimal techno and classic industrial. Well worth listening to in its entirety. The Clock DVA track is especially brilliant.

Electric Deluxe Podcast 043 ADMX-71 (Adam X) by electric deluxe


1.Biosphere & Pete Namelook-X2 Gebirge
4.Klinik & Vidna Obmana-Track 7
6.ADMX-71-In Decay We Lurk
7.David Morley-Ghosts
9.Pain Station-Sinking
10.Thomas Heckmann-Astral Chains
12.Peter Benisch-Part 6
13.Ø-S Bahn
14.Reload-1624 Try 621
16.Anthony Rother-Elixor Of Life Pt9
17.Click Click-Skripglow
18.Clock DVA-Hacker/Hacked (Operation Sundevil)
19.Luke Slaters 7th Plain-Reality Of Space
20.Legowelt-Airplanes In The Rain
21.Ringtailed Snorter-Deprivation
22.Beaumont Hannant-Sym-Phon 5
24.Skinny Puppy-Jackhammer
25.Arpanet-Probability Density

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Epigon A.D:M - The Volume Of Things Falling From Notice

epigon A.D:M ---The volume of things falling from notice
Free Download --- mouth_in_foot
m_i_f 03

Direct link to download --- HERE

mouth_in_foot is proud to announce our third release from Epigon A.D:M

Hailing from Belfast - Northern Ireland and currently living in Berlin.

epigon A.D:M makes powerful and challenging music sculpting the skeleton of Hip hop to the decayed bare bones of electro acoustic experimentation.

Utilising live cello, prepared turntable, loops and samples he deftly crafts a cataclysmic sound awash with effects and distortion.

Deeply cinematic and powerful, bleak but beautifully delicate in its darkness and sense of space and time.

Lofi abstraction machines lost in an almost sense of breakdown...

this 8 tracks feature vocal attack from some of the best of the French Hip Hop underground --- Noventa 90 (Lyon) and Yem senha (Toulouse) and also the always razor sharp P.Wrecks (Spokane - USA)

Beat construction provided by Denmark's Son of a Bricklayer (Copenhagen) whome epigon has collaborated before.

Samples also provided by Regan of the kwyer and Naphta (Dublin - Rep of Ireland)

lyrical hulk of debris of a creative nature drawn from a distorted perception of the surrounding reality (P.Wrecks)

Mouth In Foot

Friday, 26 August 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Released Today.

Prologue: Welcome To Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The year is 2027, and the world is a place of innovation and technological
advancement. Yet it is also a place of chaos and conspiracy. Powers older than
nations and men with the vision and will to take control of the world manipulate
events from the shadows, intent on designs so large, so intricate, they will take
decades to come to fruition.

The world is as it has always been: a study in contrasts. The rich remain rich,
walled within opulent protected enclaves, isolated within halos of security
and consumerism. The poor remain poor, held down by their governments and
employers; forced into docility by the output of an ever-present media. The
planet’s wounded ecosphere struggles on, slowly choking to death on pollution
and neglect, while technology advances inexorably toward a Singularity. When
it fi nally reaches one, the barriers between organic and inorganic will be erased
In this time of extremes, corporations have broken free of the bounds of nationstates,
eclipsing old world powers as the new players on the global chessboard.
Whole cities are now corporate fi efdoms, and the national armies of the First
World countries are a poor second to the private military forces of the securityindustrial
Humanity is changing and battle lines are being drawn between fl esh and
machine. The new technologies of cybernetic implants are creating a new class
divide. On one side, the ‘Naturals’ -- humans who eschew implants because
they are either morally opposed to the technology, too poor to afford it, or
affl icted with a rare rejection syndrome that renders their bodies permanently
incompatible with it. On the other side are the ‘Augs’ -- humans augmented
with cybernetic implants -- and with approximately one-twentieth of humanity
possessing augmentations by 2027, these people are slowly becoming the new
face of Mankind.
The foundations are laid for the future of our species, but evolution is a painful
process. Right now, both sides are on a collision course that threatens to end
in violent, lethal upheaval. The choices made here and now will alter the course
of history – or usher in an age of darkness.
It’s not the end of the world… but you can see it from here.

'The Eyeborg Documentary', a film directed by Rob Spence, looking at pioneering work in cybernetics, augmented reality, prosthetic limbs and trans-humanism.

If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, Rob is also a cyborg himself. After loosing his eye in a shooting accident, he has recently had a wireless camera installed in his eye socket, allowing him to record and transmit what he actually sees.

The film takes Rob on a journey around the world to meet other cyborgs and 'trans-humans' like himself, and to find out just how close we are to achieving the advanced technologies and cybernetic enhancements on display in Deus Ex.

Bought today, I will post a review on completion.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Deburring - Tomohiko Sagae (MAK 031)

Next release from the essential Rodz-Konez label due Sept 19th 2011. Featuring remixes from Makaton, Sagae and Paul Bailey resident of the legendary House of God club in Birmingham.

Deburring - Tomohiko Sagae (MAK 031) by Rodz-Konez

Monday, 22 August 2011

Cabaret Voltaire - Johnny Yesno Redux

Release Date: 29 August 2011 ***now appears to be put back for October release***
Mute announce the release of a box set of music and film, comprising the original Johnny Yesno film, a new re-imagining of the film alongside 140 minutes of bonus material and 2 CDs including new mixes by Richard H. Kirk plus exclusive tracks.

Peter Care’s controversial short film, ‘Johnny YesNo’, was made in 1979. Its original soundtrack, recorded and produced by Cabaret Voltaire, was released as an album two years later.

Cabaret Voltaire, alongside Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget and The Normal, were at the forefront of the UK Electronic Movement of the late '70s and were, without a doubt, one of the most influential acts of the last thirty years. Way ahead of their time, Cabaret Voltaire were prolific with blending dance music, techno, dub, house and experimental.

Peter Care is mainly known for his directing effort in music videos where he created several groundbreaking works.  One of them, Sensoria, became the most successful "underground" video of all time. He worked with REM, Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode and Tina Turner, amongst others. More recently, in 2005, Care received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his music videos and directed episodes of the HBO Series, Six Feet Under.

Disc 1
  1. Premonition (Remix)
  2. News From Nowhere (Remix)
  3. Yashar - Insurgent Mix (Remix)
  4. If The Shadows Could March (Remix)
  5. Loosen The Clamp 2
  6. Invocation (Remix)
  7. Partially Submerged (Remix)
  8. Hallucination Sequence (Remix)
  9. Invocation 2 (Remix)
  10. The Quarry 2 (Remix)
Disc 2
  1. Taxi Music 1 (Remix)
  2. Taxi Music 2 (Remix)
  3. Premonition 2 (Remix)
  4. Hallucination Sequence 2 (Remix)
  5. The Quarry (Remix)
  6. Partially Submerged 2 (Remix)
  7. If The Shadows Could March?
  8. Loosen The Clamp (Remix)
  9. Taxi Music 3 (Remix)
  10. Invocation 4 (Remix)
Disc 3 - DVD
  1. Johnny Yesno – Original 1982 version plus trailer
Disc 4 - DVD
  1. Johnny Yesno – Redux 2009



Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Bio: Jliat (James Whitehead) is one of the most radical followers of John Cage’s anti-musical ideology. His pieces rarely dwell in the audible spectrum: they either indulge in absolute cacophony or in absolute quiescence.

One of his pieces "Apres midi d une Bomb" uses samples from Iraq of the on going war – AK47s and M16s replacing the violins and violas – and artillery and guided munitions the wood wind and brass. The percussion is replaced by a ‘drone’ the desert sky and distant military aircraft.

Most recently he has released  "The Goldberg Variations Variations" on Mouth in Foot records, a relentless assault of noise on the classical music of Sebastian Bach.

He allows much of his work to be downloaded for free from his website:

Latest Downwards releases available as FLAC at Boomkat

Regis' legendary techno label has varied its style of output over the last few years ranging from retro industrial electronics and dark ambience to post-punk and shoegaze. Artists include Sandra Electronics (aka Regis and Silent Servant) Pink Playground, Collin Gorman Weiland, DVA Damas, Six Six Seconds and Tropic of Cancer. These previously vinyl only releases are now available here at Boomkat.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tommy Four Seven - Primate

Excellent dark, industrial strength techno from Tommy Four Seven, released last month on Chris Liebing Records. Standout tracks for me: Talus, G and Armed 3.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cyberpunk & Cyberculture: Science Fiction and the Work of William Gibson

Cyberpunk is the fiction of a culture saturated by electronic technology. Its vocabulary is the language of cybernetics, biotechnology, corporational greed and urban subcultures. Massively succesful in both book and film form, cyberpunk has redefined not only contemporary science fiction but also, through its capacity to anticipate "technology" and its cultural impact, analytical work in the social science and humanities. This text explores the work of a wide range of writers, setting their work in the context of science fiction, other literary genres, genre cinema and contemporary work on the culture of technology. Seven main themes are addressed: the impact of virtual technologies on identity, space and community; the interplay of technological and mythological motifs; reconfigurations of the body initiated by technoscience; issues of gender and sexuality; the siginificance of the sprawling megacity; cyberpunk's Gothic traits of monstrosity, transgresison and social unrest; and the editing of history and memory. 

Download ebook

Orphx - Radiotherapy LP

New album from Canadian industrial techno duo Orphx. Available now on Hands Productions.

Tensile (Radiotherapy excerpt) by Orphx

1200 µRh (Radiotherapy excerpt) by Orphx

Contamination (Radiotherapy excerpt) by Orphx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Romeo & Juliet: The War

Fantastic looking new graphic novel by the legend behind Spiderman, Stan Lee. Based on the classic tale by William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet: The War takes place in a cyberpunk future. It is due for release Spring 2011 on 1821 comics.

Voidloss - Light Collapsing

Another great release from Voidloss.

 Voidloss - Light Collapsing EP - Labrynth LABD082 by Voidloss

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yellow Tears

Yellow Tears are a sonic art collective based in New York. They create disturbing drones with terrifying power electronics and noise. They have released a number of albums for Hospital Productions, most notably The Pissmop LP in 2008. Check out these live performances below:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nightclub Location 01

I found a potential kind of location that I would be interested in for Yashar. The property is situated in the Greenpoint area of New York city. Pure industrial.


Deformation Technique - Planetary Solitude

Planetary Solitude by deformationtechnique

These New Puritans

Standout track for me from the album Hidden, released last year.

Also remixed by Salem, and is available free to download on

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Surgeon - Breaking The Frame (DTRLP2)

Techno pioneer Surgeon releases first album in over 10 years. The previews sound fantastic.


dark matter
Transparent Radiation
Remover Of Darkness
the power of doubt
We Are All Already Here
those who do not

Release date: 30/05/11

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Salem Mixtapes

The amazing Witch House group Salem have just put all of their mixtapes available for download from their website. There are no direct download links, so I have posted them all here:

I will also be posting a special Witch House article soon.

Fear of God

Dark ambient, sonic art piece I created. Influenced by Swans, Nordvargr, Tim Hecker and Witch House.

Fear of God by yasharcyberpunk

Ryoji Ikeda - Datamatics [ver.2.0]

datamatics [ver.2.0] is the latest audiovisual concert in Ryoji Ikeda's datamatics series‚ an art project that explores the potential to perceive the invisible multi--substance of data that permeates our world.

Using pure data as a source for sound and visuals, datamatics combines abstract and mimetic presentations of matter, time and space in a powerful and breathtakingly accomplished work. The technical dynamics of the piece, such as its extremely fast frame rates and variable bit depths, continue to challenge and explore the thresholds of our perceptions.

It will be shown on April 18th at the Barbican, London.

Datamatics [ver.2.0] premiered in 2006 at the AV festival in Newcastle, and has since been exhibited at the Pompidou Metz, Ars Electronica Linz, Grec Festival de Barcelona and Concertbouw Brugge. 18 April's performance marks the first time since 2006 that it's been shown in London.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Orphx - Fwd Podcast

Orphx delivers pure techno with no frills. Sinewy beats that flex searing percussion and aggressive synthesis are prominent in this dark and no holds barred exclusive mix. This duo is normally known for their impressive hardware live sets that push the boundaries of modern techno in an exhilarating flurry of mechanical sound. Jonas Kopp, many Orphx originals, Surgeon, and Traversable Wormhole all make an appearance in this journey to deep ominous space. (From Fwd)

Demdike Stare - Eurydice
Signal - Ermafa
Orphx - Stillpoint
Ø - Kuvio3
Haus Arafna - Pain to Love (You Never Made a Sacrifice)
Frank Martiniq - Blast Corps
Realmz - Source Unknown
Traversable Wormhole - When 2D Meets 3D (Peter Van Hoesen mix)
Karl Ranau - Memory of Source
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Psychological Scene of the Imagination
Huren - Kaltbruchig Acideath A1
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Untitled (Orphx mix)
Casual Violence - Blackhaus
Planetary Assault Systems - GT (Function and Jerome Sydenham mix)
Northern Structures - Self Similarity
Ancient Methods - Else (Ugandan Methods mix)
Kryzysztof Penderecki - De Natura Sonoris No.2
Orphx - First Light
Female - Backlash
Pan Sonic - Indicational
Surgeon - Bad Hands (Monolake mix)
Blut Aus Nord - Chapter 1
Orphx - Possession
Coil - It's in My Blood
Jonas Kopp - Alkitran
Orphx - Axial
Oureboros - Devoid of All Time

Cloaks - Versions Grains

Cloaks produce heavy, noisey, industrial dubstep. Their debut album Versus Grain was released 2 years ago. This remix package contains some of my favourite producers at the moment, Ancient Methods and JK Broadrick. It will be available as a digital download and limted vinyl release. Not to be missed.

Read full review of Versions Grains LP Sampler (Ancient Methods Mix) - CLOAKS on ©

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ahnst Anders - Home (Ant-Zen)

Forthcoming on Ant-Zen 15/04/11. A great example of modern EBM industrial music.


01 - Intro
02 - After Dark
03 - Hate & Love
04 - Nobody Home
05 - Dark Sun
06 - Hope & Homeless
07 - Homerun
08 - Walking Home
09 - Home

Seth Siro Anton


Seth Siro Anton is a Greek artist who creates wonderful, deeply surreal and nightmarish imagery. His work is often affiliated with goth metal music but I prefer to look at it as steampunk and cyberpunk. Amazing stuff.