Friday, 23 September 2011

Roly Porter - Aftertime

Stream the new album from Roly Porter, one half of dubstep pioneers Vex'd.  A combination of dark ambient, noise, drone and modern classical music.

Download the track Tleilax here

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano - Umfeld

Just recently discovered, Umfeld, Jochem Paap (aka Speedy J) and Scott Pagano's 2007 audiovisual DVD release. Fragmented industrial cityscapes, organic electronics and hypnotic strobes combine with abstract soundscapes and warped beats. Fantastic stuff, overwhelming visual density, similar to Kuvaputki. Download the FREE full-res version at

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Soft Moon

Raised under the burning sun of the Mojave desert, Vasquez channels both his punk upbringing and Afro-Cuban heritage to sculpt decidedly dystopian soundscapes for a new generation of torn romantics. It’s a record set somewhere in the near post-apocalypse where technology enchants as much as it destroys.

Synapscape - Revolving Horse

Official Video for 'Revolving Horse', extracted from the new album from Synapscape: Traits (Ant-Zen act267), released on the 2nd of September 2011.
Video: Geso.
Music: Synapscape.

More info:​synapscape

Experimental Television Centre

The Experimental Television Center was a video art production studio in Owego, New York. Since its foundation in 1971, the center has been instrumental to the field of video art by providing artists with the tools of video art production through artist residencies and grants. The studio is designed to simultaneously facilitate both live studio performance and live video editing, much like a broadcast television studio. The studio was founded in 1971 as an outgrowth of a media access program established by Ralph Hocking at Binghamton University in 1969. Today the studio is affiliated with Alfred University's media arts program, with which it shares instructors. The Center provides support and services to the video art community by offering artist residencies to established and emerging video artists as well as an annual international student artist residency each summer.

The studio includes several invaluable and/or one of a kind pieces of video processing equipment, such as a custom Dave Jones Colorizer, a Design Lab Frame Buffer, a Deupfer Synthesizer, a Dave Jones custom 8 Channel Video Sequencer, the Paik/Abe Raster Synthesizer or 'Wobbulator' and a custom Dan Sandin Sandin Image Processor. Some notable artists who have held residencies at the center are Nam June Paik, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Gary Hill, Marisa Olson, Kristin Lucas, Torsten Zenas Burns, Barbara Hammer, LoVid, and Dearraindrop. The Center has announced via its website that it is closing most of its programs, including the studio, as of July 2011.

An anniversary DVD compilation For it's 40th year anniversary ETC started to produce a DVD compilation of a selection of artists who had created video art during ETC residencies over the course of 40 solid years. This enormous undertaking required digital restorations, and took three years, resulting in a 20 hour compilation of over 100 artists. Digitizing, restorations, and overall support: Bill Seery and Maria Venuto and Standby program Project manager and DVD author: Aaron Miller. Art director: Diane Bertolo The DVD is accompanied with a 130-page catalog and is distributed by EAI

A short documentary video explores the spatial concept of ETC as it moved from a physical, actively productive studio to a Web-based, historical archive:

Lament IV - Waves (10min excerpt) by Phillip Stearns:

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hard Reset

Hard Reset is the debut game from independant Polish developer Flying Wild Hog. A cyberpunk first-person shooter, set for release on 13th September 2011. PC exclusive.

Scott Draves - Electric Sheep

The Electric Sheep is a cyborg mind. It harnesses the collective intelligence of 450,000 computers and people creates abstract art with mathematics and Darwinian evolution. The result is seamless, organic, and infinite. See see and

This is a 4:30 excerpt from the "High Fidelity Demo" Blu Ray, created by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep (at reduced resolution and quality for web upload).

Draw Down

DRAWDOWN is a single channel video piece directed by Phoenix Perry in collaboration with Arnold Steiner and sound by Brian Jackson (Infinite Volume) completed in 2004 for the Reline DVD compilation.

Drawdown: the process by which the dominant species in an ecosystem uses up the surrounding resources faster than they can be replaced. Drawdown explores the relationship between man, machine, environment and the culture of greed in the world. Looking at the body as both a polluted system and a vehicle for enlightenment, we see the human form as an evolving machine empty of meaning in and of itself. In this context, the delusions of ego and self-importance become clear.

Drawdown suggests we look beyond our own selfish desire to see the vast beauty and abundance of the world around us. As we look for the basic meaning of human existence amidst a technological culture, we must question if our technologies aid human evolution or accelerates the process of extinction. The answer immediately reveals the state of the human consciousness each man crafts into the world.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

1001 Plateaus

A selection of videos from 1001 Plateaus's channel on Youtube

Clock DVA - Kinetic Engineering

A collection of visual ideograms developed by R.E. Baker and A. Newton during work on the albums Buried Dreams and Man-Amplified. These videos were constructed and engineered using computer technologies at the Anterior Research Station 1988-1993.


1 Intro
2 The Hacker
3 Sound Mirror
4 Man-Amplified
5 Axiomatic And Hueristic
6 Fractalize
7 NYC Overload
8 Bitstream
9 Technogeist
10 Final Program
11 Voice Recognition Test
12 Outro

Tracks 2, 3 from the album "Buried Dreams", Tracks 4 to 10 from the album "Man-Amplified", Track 11 from the album "Sign".

Approximate running time 52 minutes.

Admx71 - Electric Deluxe podcast 043

Just got around to listening to this recently. Epic 2 and a half hour mix by Adam X, recorded for Electric Deluxe a few months back. It combines ambient electronica, minimal techno and classic industrial. Well worth listening to in its entirety. The Clock DVA track is especially brilliant.

Electric Deluxe Podcast 043 ADMX-71 (Adam X) by electric deluxe


1.Biosphere & Pete Namelook-X2 Gebirge
4.Klinik & Vidna Obmana-Track 7
6.ADMX-71-In Decay We Lurk
7.David Morley-Ghosts
9.Pain Station-Sinking
10.Thomas Heckmann-Astral Chains
12.Peter Benisch-Part 6
13.Ø-S Bahn
14.Reload-1624 Try 621
16.Anthony Rother-Elixor Of Life Pt9
17.Click Click-Skripglow
18.Clock DVA-Hacker/Hacked (Operation Sundevil)
19.Luke Slaters 7th Plain-Reality Of Space
20.Legowelt-Airplanes In The Rain
21.Ringtailed Snorter-Deprivation
22.Beaumont Hannant-Sym-Phon 5
24.Skinny Puppy-Jackhammer
25.Arpanet-Probability Density