Thursday, 26 May 2016

Live Mix 001

Live, improvised iPad mix, showcasing some of the best new releases with a view complimentary older ones.


Orphan Swords - Dantalion
Orphan Swords - Gaap
Inner8 - Iteration
Eschaton - Answer My Prayer
Corax - Andrasta
Corax - Brigantia
Blush Response - Body Rhythm
Blawan - Rubber Industry
Scalameriya - Haka
Dead Sound - It’s Over
Rory St. John - Noughtsmith
Struchni and The Illuminati - Killing Fields
Rep - Symmetry Between Observers
Family Sex - Manbait (Regis mix)
These Hidden Hands - Variant
These Hidden Hands - When Told (Atom TM Remix)