Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Bio: Jliat (James Whitehead) is one of the most radical followers of John Cage’s anti-musical ideology. His pieces rarely dwell in the audible spectrum: they either indulge in absolute cacophony or in absolute quiescence.

One of his pieces "Apres midi d une Bomb" uses samples from Iraq of the on going war – AK47s and M16s replacing the violins and violas – and artillery and guided munitions the wood wind and brass. The percussion is replaced by a ‘drone’ the desert sky and distant military aircraft.

Most recently he has released  "The Goldberg Variations Variations" on Mouth in Foot records, a relentless assault of noise on the classical music of Sebastian Bach.

He allows much of his work to be downloaded for free from his website:

Latest Downwards releases available as FLAC at Boomkat

Regis' legendary techno label has varied its style of output over the last few years ranging from retro industrial electronics and dark ambience to post-punk and shoegaze. Artists include Sandra Electronics (aka Regis and Silent Servant) Pink Playground, Collin Gorman Weiland, DVA Damas, Six Six Seconds and Tropic of Cancer. These previously vinyl only releases are now available here at Boomkat.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tommy Four Seven - Primate

Excellent dark, industrial strength techno from Tommy Four Seven, released last month on Chris Liebing Records. Standout tracks for me: Talus, G and Armed 3.