Saturday, 3 September 2011

Clock DVA - Kinetic Engineering

A collection of visual ideograms developed by R.E. Baker and A. Newton during work on the albums Buried Dreams and Man-Amplified. These videos were constructed and engineered using computer technologies at the Anterior Research Station 1988-1993.


1 Intro
2 The Hacker
3 Sound Mirror
4 Man-Amplified
5 Axiomatic And Hueristic
6 Fractalize
7 NYC Overload
8 Bitstream
9 Technogeist
10 Final Program
11 Voice Recognition Test
12 Outro

Tracks 2, 3 from the album "Buried Dreams", Tracks 4 to 10 from the album "Man-Amplified", Track 11 from the album "Sign".

Approximate running time 52 minutes.

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