Friday, 1 April 2011

Orphx - Fwd Podcast

Orphx delivers pure techno with no frills. Sinewy beats that flex searing percussion and aggressive synthesis are prominent in this dark and no holds barred exclusive mix. This duo is normally known for their impressive hardware live sets that push the boundaries of modern techno in an exhilarating flurry of mechanical sound. Jonas Kopp, many Orphx originals, Surgeon, and Traversable Wormhole all make an appearance in this journey to deep ominous space. (From Fwd)

Demdike Stare - Eurydice
Signal - Ermafa
Orphx - Stillpoint
Ø - Kuvio3
Haus Arafna - Pain to Love (You Never Made a Sacrifice)
Frank Martiniq - Blast Corps
Realmz - Source Unknown
Traversable Wormhole - When 2D Meets 3D (Peter Van Hoesen mix)
Karl Ranau - Memory of Source
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Psychological Scene of the Imagination
Huren - Kaltbruchig Acideath A1
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Untitled (Orphx mix)
Casual Violence - Blackhaus
Planetary Assault Systems - GT (Function and Jerome Sydenham mix)
Northern Structures - Self Similarity
Ancient Methods - Else (Ugandan Methods mix)
Kryzysztof Penderecki - De Natura Sonoris No.2
Orphx - First Light
Female - Backlash
Pan Sonic - Indicational
Surgeon - Bad Hands (Monolake mix)
Blut Aus Nord - Chapter 1
Orphx - Possession
Coil - It's in My Blood
Jonas Kopp - Alkitran
Orphx - Axial
Oureboros - Devoid of All Time

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