Friday, 26 August 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Released Today.

Prologue: Welcome To Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The year is 2027, and the world is a place of innovation and technological
advancement. Yet it is also a place of chaos and conspiracy. Powers older than
nations and men with the vision and will to take control of the world manipulate
events from the shadows, intent on designs so large, so intricate, they will take
decades to come to fruition.

The world is as it has always been: a study in contrasts. The rich remain rich,
walled within opulent protected enclaves, isolated within halos of security
and consumerism. The poor remain poor, held down by their governments and
employers; forced into docility by the output of an ever-present media. The
planet’s wounded ecosphere struggles on, slowly choking to death on pollution
and neglect, while technology advances inexorably toward a Singularity. When
it fi nally reaches one, the barriers between organic and inorganic will be erased
In this time of extremes, corporations have broken free of the bounds of nationstates,
eclipsing old world powers as the new players on the global chessboard.
Whole cities are now corporate fi efdoms, and the national armies of the First
World countries are a poor second to the private military forces of the securityindustrial
Humanity is changing and battle lines are being drawn between fl esh and
machine. The new technologies of cybernetic implants are creating a new class
divide. On one side, the ‘Naturals’ -- humans who eschew implants because
they are either morally opposed to the technology, too poor to afford it, or
affl icted with a rare rejection syndrome that renders their bodies permanently
incompatible with it. On the other side are the ‘Augs’ -- humans augmented
with cybernetic implants -- and with approximately one-twentieth of humanity
possessing augmentations by 2027, these people are slowly becoming the new
face of Mankind.
The foundations are laid for the future of our species, but evolution is a painful
process. Right now, both sides are on a collision course that threatens to end
in violent, lethal upheaval. The choices made here and now will alter the course
of history – or usher in an age of darkness.
It’s not the end of the world… but you can see it from here.

'The Eyeborg Documentary', a film directed by Rob Spence, looking at pioneering work in cybernetics, augmented reality, prosthetic limbs and trans-humanism.

If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, Rob is also a cyborg himself. After loosing his eye in a shooting accident, he has recently had a wireless camera installed in his eye socket, allowing him to record and transmit what he actually sees.

The film takes Rob on a journey around the world to meet other cyborgs and 'trans-humans' like himself, and to find out just how close we are to achieving the advanced technologies and cybernetic enhancements on display in Deus Ex.

Bought today, I will post a review on completion.

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