Monday, 14 March 2011

Yashar Newsletter 002

The 70 billion people on Earth – Where are they hiding?>>>>Welcome to the Yashar newsletter>>>>I have created the first logo design for the nightclub and record label>>>>I wanted something cult and cryptic, where the ancient meets the future>>>>>Let me know what you think>>>>>This newsletter also contains links to the most interesting Yashar related music, art and film news>>>>>For more updates, follow me here and on Twitter.>>>>> Peace.

>>>>>For an idea of what music to expect from Yashar please visit my concept mix blog and download FREE mixes:

>>>>>I will also be posting exclusive mixes in future newsletters.

Yashar Music News:

Stream Lucy's excellent new LP, Wordplay For Working Bee's in full on soundcloud:

Industrial goth minimal electronica from upcoming band Raime - If Anywhere was here he would know where we are:

Yashar Film News:
Ridley Scott working on new sci-fi film 'Prometheus'

Check out the trailer for Spanish Sci-Fi short 'Rosa'

Yashar Art News:

Embryoroom's Hazmazk/Electronic Terror@The Eventi Hotel (Jumbo Screen)


>transmission end.

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