Thursday, 9 February 2012

We are now living in a cyberpunk novel.

The future has imploded onto the present. There was no nuclear Armageddon. There's too much Real Estate to lose. The new battlefield is people's minds....The megacorps ARE the new governments....The U.S. is a big bully with lackluster economic power....The world is splintering into a trillion subcultures and designer cults with their own languages, codes, and lifestyles....Computer-generated info-domains are the next frontiers....There IS better living through chemistry....Small groups or individual "console cowboys" can wield tremendous power over governments, corporations, etc....The coalescence of a computer "culture" is expressed in self-aware computer music, art, virtual communities, and a hacker/street tech subculture....The computer nerd image is passe, and people are not ashamed anymore about the role the computer has in this subculture....The computer is a cool tool, a friend, important human augmentation....We're becoming CYBORGS. Our tech is getting smaller, closer to us, and it will soon merge with us. 

Gareth Branwyn at a mondo2000 conference on the WELL, 1991

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