"Musical Catharsis"


Yashar, the nightclub, is a place where openminded art and music lovers unite against the plague of mediocrity. An art gallery by day and a music venue by night. Yashar is an exciting new venue that plays music thats hard to find anywhere else, from techno and industrial to punk and metal. Inspired by true independant clubs such as The Hacienda, Tresor and The House of God, one night in Yashar will be unlike any nightclub you have ever experienced before.

The look a feel of the nightclub will be 1980's sci-fi underground. Think Alien, Blade Runner, HR Giger, steampunk and cyberpunk. The name comes from a Cabaret Voltaire song which will also be the first song played every night. Visuals will be state of the art, with projectors displaying art, animation, film clips and the name of the song currently playing. Songs played will also be updated via a mobile phone application. There will be two main rooms of music, a lounge 'chill-out' area and main room. Only quality drink will be served at the bar! Livefeed broadcasts will be transmitted to a website that will eventually be available for download in an online archive.


I am thinking of setting up in Brooklyn, New York.


I am currently drawing up a 3 year business plan.